Feel depressed? Treat Saturn with Jupiter!

Friday, November 26th, 2010

One of my patients had a real rough summer. Her husband died suddenly – a massive heart attack – and her young kids were at first depressed and then later started acting up…. She gained weight and understandably she was very upset.

I saw her a few days ago. I was surprised to see her look so good! She has lost weight, exercises regularly and has even started dating! The kids are doing much better too. So, I asked her how she did it.

Her answer reminded me of an old saying in medieval psychology: “treat Saturn with Jupiter.” Medieval psychology used the astrological profile of planets as metaphors to describe people and their emotions. Saturn was thought to represent depression and darkness (as well as power and money…) and Jupiter was the planet of exuberance, joy and genius (like Mozart’s music…)  So, “treating Saturn with Jupiter” means that if you are depressed and have dark emotions, do not go see a sad movie, or spend time commiserating with other depressed people, instead hang out with fun people. Do not isolate yourself. Call jovial friends and family members and tell them that you have the “blues” and you need their company. Do not watch the news channels all day instead watch comedies. Sign up for group activities, so at night, you can go out to an arts and crafts, yoga, signing or other classes, and so on.  Do not listen to sad music and when possible take the scenic roads while driving. You get the picture…

A Moment of Pause and Reflection

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Life Cards- Family Burden!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

In my book “It Must Be My Metabolism” I used many real-life examples of how events – good or bad, intentional or accidental – impact our lives and bodies. I call these triggers or causes of change, for better or worse, “life cards.”

In my blogs in this category, I will share with you life cards that are handed to my practice members and how they “play” their hand meaning how they deal with these challenges. Life cards are often surprises. Everything is going well then one falls on ice and breaks a bone, or one loses a loved one suddenly. They don’t have to be “bad” cards. For example, one can fall in love unexpectedly, or get pregnant, relocated to a different state or country or even win the lottery!

Playing these cards poorly often causes relapse and weight gain among my patients. Here is a real example to show my point.

One of my practice members – we will call her Lisa –  is originally from another country. She has had a stable life in the US for quite a few years. She is married, has a good paying job and is committed to one of my lifestyle change programs in Connecticut. Suddenly, Lisa’s mother and sister from the “old country” decide to come to the US for an extended stay.  That may sound good. But neither one drives or speaks English! Even worse, mom loves to cook – the old-fashioned calorie-dense, high-fat foods that Lisa would normally love to eat. But, Lisa is on a diet. Plus, Lisa does not have time to take them shopping, sightseeing etc. The free time she has is ear tagged for exercise and to be with her husband.

Lisa, overwhelmed by their prolonged stay finally realized that not only she was relapsing and gaining weight again but her marriage was also suffering. She was either putting out fires or fighting with her husband.

I will soon let you know what happened to her. But may be you wish to play Lisa’s hand for her: let me know what Lisa should do.

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