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Dr. Yavari is accepting new patients at two
convenient offices:

Beyond Care

82 Bradley Road
Madison, CT 06443
Tel: 203 421 6577
Fax: 203 421 6530

This office offers General Endocrinology Consulations, Diabetes Prevention and Management as well as Weight Loss and Nutrition services.

North East Medical Group
Endocrinology – Trumbull

5520 Park Avenue, Suite 306
Trumbull, CT 06611
Tel: 203 373 7388
Fax: 203 373 7472

This office offers General Endocrinology Consultations, Diabetes Prevention

and Management, Bone Density Testing, Thyroid Ultrasound and Biopsy.

Most insurances and Medicare are accepted – call for information.


This Just In:

Dr. Yavari is a winner of the 2017 MIT Solve International Challenge at the United Nations (3/7/2017.)

A Digital Platform For Automated Self-Coaching For Obesity & DiabetesYavari

A digital self-coaching program for obesity and diabetes with deep learning capability offered in a financial incentive-based model.

More details to come soon!!

Listen to Dr. Yavari’s NPR programs on Faith Middleton’s Show:

January 20, 2015:


February 24, 2015:


March 31, 2015:


May 5, 2015:



Beyond  Care  now  offers  individual  and
group remote  live  coaching  sessions

At Beyond Care, your journey to become your
best, healthiest self  through personalized lifestyle
change coaching is now extended to web-based

check www.healthfleet.com

For over a decade, our expert clinicians have delivered warm, personalized and compassionate support along with cutting edge medical care in a healing, relaxing, spa-like environment at our Connecticut locations. We now take our lifestyle change coaching program on line:  this innovative online coaching program, called Beyond Care Metabolic Rehab Online (or BCMRO for short) will now take our clinically tested lifestyle change approach and service to a nationwide audience.

Beyond Care Metabolic Rehab Online
provides  one  year  of  access  and  use  of myHealthFleet.com  website  in  a  password protected,  user  specific  account.  In addition,  this program  includes  a  12-week  personal  lifestyle change program  designed  to  be  delivered  remotely using  face-to-face  tele-conferencing  (private or group)  sessions  at  our  interactive  web-based platform,  myHealthFleet.com.  For  more details  click  on “Programs”  and  “How It Works.”

We have special expertise in using lifestyle change and management as a tool for managing some of today’s most challenging health problems. Clients not only lose weight, they also learn to take care of themselves in new ways that improve every aspect of their lives. Our programs specialize in treating hormonal and metabolic disorders, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, osteoporosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid disease and others. We emphasize a natural approach, including nutrition, physical activity, weight management and stress reduction, along with the advanced tools and techniques of modern medicine, including pharmaceuticals.

Expert Endocrinology Care

We blend a natural approach, including nutrition, physical activity, weight management and stress reduction, with the advanced tools and techniques of modern medicine. Learn More

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We offer a variety of different programs to help you reach your individual goals. Learn More

Our Team

Our highly trained staff includes physicians, psychologists, nutritionists,

massage and yoga therapists, pilates and fitness instructors. Learn More

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Our programs help our patients look and feel better in ways that they

appreciate every single day. Learn More

weight loss

Latest News

The Yavari Indicator: Significant Milestones

  • In 2013 and 2014 The Yavari Indicator has been used as the core of two large multi-year grants. We are all excited to expand the use of this non-invasive biometric tool in large populations.
  • The Yavari Indicator was published in the peer-reviewed and prestigious online journal PLoS in September 2011.
  • The  Revolutionary Yavari Indicator (Yi) Diabetes Screening and Weight Loss Software Application showcased on NPR, Faith Middleton show on July 5th 2011. Download this exciting interview at: www.cpbn.org/program/faith-middleton-show
  • Yi presented at the 93rd Endocrine Society meeting in Boston on June 5th 2011.
  • Yi is proving to be a formidable tool for non-invasive risk profiling of employees and for providing scientific bench-marks for weight loss.

    Interested companies can either contact Beyond Care directly or check www.beyondweight.com, the company’s worksite division.

    Beyond Care’s Programs Go Online

  • Dr. Yavari’s  lifestyle change programs aimed on diabetes prevention and weight loss go on line thru HealthFleet.com as of March 2013. Check out HealthFleet.com for more information or call us at Beyond Care: 203.204.6130.
  • The  Revolutionary Yavari Indicator (Yi) Diabetes Screening and Weight Loss Software Application showcased on NPR, Faith Middleton -Show on July 5th, 2012 and published in in PLoS – a prestigious peer-reviewed open access medical journal in 2013. Here is the link: plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0024017.

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    Dr. Reza Yavari M.D. is a Board Certified Endocrinologist and founder of Beyond Care®, a leading preventive care and obesity center located in Guilford, CT. Learn More

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    IT MUST BE MY METABOLISM! offers a step-by-step course in therapeutic lifestyle change.
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