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Using a multidisciplinary team approach, Beyond Care clinicians offer cutting-edge medical and nutrition solutions combined with fitness, cognitive and performance psychology methods to help clients reach their health goals.

A core staff of medical doctors and nurses, dietitians and personal trainers work as a team with psychologists and massage therapists to manage the clients’ specific lifestyle needs and challenges and provide clients with all the support they need to implement healthy habits and behaviors.

Reza Yavari, MD

Reza Yavari, MD, is a renowned endocrinologist and Adjunct Faculty at the Yale School of Medicine who has trained many healthcare professionals throughout the US. Dr. Yavari is an active speaker to various medical and consumer audiences and teaches medical students and specialty fellows at the Yale University School of Medicine. He is the author of the first mass-market self-care book on metabolic syndrome, It Must Be My Metabolism (McGraw-Hill; 2007).

Michael Brines, MD, PhD

Mike Brines was a professor at Yale, where he served as Co-Director of the Yale Pituitary Center and the Molecular Core of the Yale University Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Center.

Dr. Brines has been the inventor or co-inventor on numerous U.S. patents and their foreign counterparts, which include novel drug delivery devices and several tissue protective compounds now in Phase 2 clinical trials. He has authored over 100 scientific and clinical publications.

He co-founded Warren and Araim Pharmaceuticals where as Chief Scientific Officer he led an international research team in the development of novel treatments of tissue injuries, such those caused by uncontrolled diabetes. He currently serves on the board of directors of Warren Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Brines is board certified in internal medicine as well as endocrinology and metabolism. Dr. Brines is a co-inventor of Yi the Yavari Algorithm.

Latest News

Metabolic Rehab : Significant Milestones

Since its invention, the Metabolic Rehab app has continued to surprise us:

  • Metabolic Rehab was published in the peer-reviewed and prestigious online journal PLoS in September 2011.
  • Our innovative app used for  Diabetes Screening and Weight Loss Software was showcased on NPR, Faith Middleton show on July 5th 2011. Download this exciting interview at: www.cpbn.org/program/faith-middleton-show.
  • Metabolic Rehab was presented at the 93rd Endocrine Society meeting in Boston on June 5th 2011.

Metabolic Rehab is proving to be a formidable tool for non-invasive risk profiling of employees and for providing scientific bench-marks for weight loss.

Interested companies can either contact Beyond Care directly at 203 421 6577 or send us an email at info@beyondcare.net

Beyond Care’s Results Published


Metabolic Rehab App for Diabetes Screening and Weight Loss Software Application showcased on NPR, Faith Middleton -Show on July 5th, 2012 and published in in PLoS – a prestigious peer-reviewed open access medical journal in 2013. 



dr yavari

Dr. Reza Yavari M.D. is a Board Certified Endocrinologist and founder of Beyond Care®, a leading preventive care and obesity center located in Guilford, CT. Learn More

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